Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Smart Shin Guard measure distance ?

The tracking modules measure your distance data by analysing motion sensor statistics with advanced algorithm. The algorithm is designed to identify steps and distance based on your height. We recommend that you enter a correct height to improve accuracy.

How accurate is the data?

The tracking modules measure over 500000 metrics in a 90 min game. The algorithm is designed with numerous machine-learning process to ensure accuracy. Even without the use of GPS or other positioning technology the accuracy can reach as much as 85%-90% or even higher in some metrics. We keep improving our algorithm to deliver accurate and reliable information. These improvements can be easily applied with software updates

How do the trackers tell which foot is used?

The Left and Right player tracking module is paired with each other before the product is shipped to you. They are being programmed as “left” and
“right”. In other words, they “know” they are on your left or right leg –if you wear the shin guards correctly.

How does the software tell the difference between jumping, running turning or other different actions?

The advanced algorithm to analyse motion sensor data is developed to identify differences and patterns in different actions such as jumping, running
and turning.

Does it measure heart rate?

No. While the tracker doesn’t measure heart rate, it records performance data that matters most on the pitch.

How quickly do I have to sync my data after I’ve used the Smart Shin Guards?

We recommend you sync your data at the earliest available opportunity after the session

Will the tracking modules starts recording my data immediately after turning on?

It will start recording automatically after the first 30 to 40 steps. We designed this feature to avoid junk information, as we noticed most users won’t start their game immediately after turning on. Take this time to walk around and warm up, and be prepared for the game!

Can I pause recording for water break or half-time break?

Currently this feature is not available yet. but we are constantly developing updates to provide you with the best experience.

Is there a team solution?

Yes. Teams can manage their player profile with a Bespoke Club portal Area. You can join your club with a club invitation code and upload your session report via Event function in the app. If you’re a club owner or coach, you can speak to us directly at Target Football for more information

What sports can I use the Smart Shin Guard for?

The smart shin pad has been specifically designed for football players at every level of the game.

Are the player tracking modules waterproof?

The player tracking modules are IP65 proof, which means it’s water-resistant but not waterproof. Make sure you don’t put it in the washing machine or submerge in water

Do the Smart Shin Guards use GPS or LPS technology for positioning?

It does not use GPS or LPS technology for positioning. And there’s no need to set up anything (like a workstation) or wear any other devices. Unlike GPS devices (to be worn at the back with tight, uncomfortable vest), smart watches or foot trackers (with risk injury on you or other players),

Do I need to set up or wear other devices to make INSAIT JOY working?

The smart shin guards are designed to make you (or your opponents) feel nothing at all other than a normal pair of shin guards. Just turn on the player tracking modules, insert into the shin guards and put them on –like a normal pair of shin guards. They protect you from injuries and impacts while at the same time measure your performance. The player tracking modules are 100% embedded into the shin guards so that you can enjoy the game while it won’t give you any feel of foreign objects.

Do I need to keep any APPS connected to the phone during the game?

Absolutely not. The player tracking modules have embedded storage for up to 2h session. They keep track of your performance and enable you to synchronize data after the game.

What data do I need to input to make calculation more accurate?

We recommend adding correct height in your profile to improve accuracy. Also it is recommended to select your actual date of birth since age affects the standard applied for rating your performance.

How is my performance rated?

The tracking technology used measures your session with 16 metrics. These metrics reflects your performance in 5 elements of the game –Speed, Explosive Power, Stamina, Power and (foot) Balance. Each element is rated based on 1-2 key attributes with a pre-set standard. And in the end, gives an overall score by the average of rating in 5 elements. There are two sets of rating standard: age below 16 and age above (and including) 16.

Can I use the smart shin guards for indoor sessions?

Yes. The tracking modules do not require GPS or any other signal sources and therefore works perfectly with indoor sessions as well.

Can I use then in a five-a-side game or training?

Yes, The smart Shin pads can be used for 5 aside games, training and matches.

Do I need to input my position?

You don’t need to add your position before the session –but you can do that while sharing your report on social media. (If you wish too).

Can I use the INSAIT JOY app in my mobile phone? How do I download the app?

INSAIT JOY app is available on both App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Minimum system requirement is iOS11 or Android4.

What comes in the box?

From the player tracking modules to the smart shin guards all the way through to a USB cable and user guide, you’ll have everything you need to take your game to the next level.


My trackers won’t connect, how do I fix this?

Firstly, we
recommend you try these steps:

1. Ensure
your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone

2. Ensure
your trackers are fully charged and powered on

3. Proceed
to sync your trackers

If the
above steps didn’t work, please contact us.

How do I report an issue?

To report an issue please submit a
ticket by emailing to , and enter in your details of the issue. We will respond to
your query as soon as possible.

How do I unpair trackers from my account?

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, and ensure the trackers are powered on. Go to Me and My Smart Shin Guards, tap Unpair and follow the on-screen instructions.

I've lost my Tracker

Unfortunately you cannot locate a lost Tracker via the apps.

What should I do if I don't get a verification email?

Here are
some things to check:

1. Check your InBox and Spam folders as soon as you try to register;

2. If using a Gmail email address, check the Promotions and Spam;

3. If you are using a company/work email address, the company's IT policies may block the verification email;

4. If you
have requested more than one link, you must use the most recent link.

If these checks and steps do not resolve the issue, please get in touch and we will
escalate this to our Support Team: