Affiliate Agreement

This Affiliate Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into

By and Between

Target Football Training Ltd a company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) incorporated and existing under the laws of England and Wales, having its registered office situated at Registered office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N17GU.


The Affiliate / Brand Ambassador (hereinafter referred to as the “Affiliate”) existing under the laws of England and Wales called the "Parties."  

WHEREAS, the Company wishes to collaborate with the Affiliate for promotion of Target Football Smart Shin Pads and Football Products, under the terms of this Agreement.

The Parties agree as follows:


The Agreement will take force on the date of the electronic acceptance by the Company and acceptance by the Affiliate.

The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement is not a franchise agreement.

Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, the Company shall not require the Affiliate to work in any specific setup or prohibit it from working with any specific person.

The Company agrees to not interfere in the way the Affiliate carries out its activities, provided that;

The Affiliate shall not make any false representation

The conduct of the Affiliate shall promote the goodwill of the Company

The Affiliate avoids deceptive business practices

Its activities are consistent with this Agreement

The relationship between the Company and the Affiliate shall not be deemed as an employee or agent other than for the specific purpose of this Agreement. Neither party will incur any type of debt in the other party's name.

The Company agrees to assist the Affiliate as long as the Affiliate is not in default status.

Commission Structure:

The affiliate will receive a 10% commission on each sale generated or as per their unique affiliate link.

This can be reviewed Quarterly. Commission for large volume orders can explored by negotiation.  

Payment Terms:

The first payment will come though once the minimum 25US Dollar commission point is earned

The payment for the services of the Affiliate shall be automatically via the Shopify portal COLLAB app with unique affiliate login. Payments will be made at 15 / 30 day intervals via your own shopify login.

All commission activities are recorded within the collabs / shopifty section of our site. The Affiliate shall keep a record of its own activities .

All the payments shall be made in GBP. For Affiliates outside UK payments will be made in USD and converted to local currency at best available exchange rate.


Affiliates can use approved marketing materials provided by Target Football.

The Affiliate agrees to not alter in any manner the copyrights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property of the Company.

The Affiliate automated link will provide both the affiliate and company records of:

  • Sales generated
  • Record of successful activities
  • Commission pending, due and paid
  • Progress report of ongoing activities

The Affiliate shall carry out all duties agreed by it under this Agreement.

Use of Affiliate Link:

Affiliates must use the automatically generated unique affiliate link for tracking sales via the collabs/shopify app.

Any alteration or manipulation of the affiliate link is strictly prohibited.

Promotional Materials:

Affiliates can use approved marketing materials provided by Target Football.

Affiliates are encouraged to promote Target Football's Smart Shinpads through ethical and legal means.

Prohibited methods include spam, false advertising, and any activity that may damage the brand's reputation.

Specific guidelines will be given by Target Football with promotional material offered. Custom promotional materials must be approved by Target Football before use.

Brand Representation:

Affiliates should represent Target Football in a positive and professional manner.

Misleading statements or false claims about the product are not allowed.

Renewal / Termination:

Affiliate and Target Football shall renew at the end of the current calendar year and every year after that unless the parties decide otherwise according to the termination clause of this Agreement below.

Target Football reserves the right to terminate the affiliate agreement for any breach of guidelines or unethical behavior.

Either party can terminate the agreement with [specified notice period, 30 days].

The Agreement will come to an end at the Agreement's expiration or at any time given that a thirty-day written notice shall be given to the other party.

Either party may opt out of this Agreement on the occurrence of;

Breach of any term of this Agreement

Bankruptcy or insolvency instituted by or against a party

Misrepresentation made by any party

In case of acting upon conflicting interest


Affiliates should treat any confidential information received from Target Football with the utmost confidentiality.

The Affiliate shall protect the trademark, copyright, tradenames, and trade secrets that might be revealed to it for the purposes of this Agreement. Should the Affiliate find any infringement, it is responsible to report such infringement promptly to the Company to protect such rights.

The Company has trade interests with third parties and reserves the right to amend this Agreement if so, required by such third parties.

Modification of Terms:

Target Football may update these guidelines with prior notice to affiliates.

Any dispute related to any term and conditions of this Agreement should be tried under the laws of England and Wales.

The Agreement was executed on the date stated above.

By participating in Target Football's Smart Shinpads affiliate program, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these guidelines.